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The ‘extended’ group at the Dynamics GRC (Aug 2019): Dan, Erin (Tulsa), Rachael (alum), Marie, Ludo (Leiden), and Sharani (Tennessee)


Dan Killelea

        PhD, Tufts University

        BS, UW–Milwaukee

dkillelea at luc edu


Marie Turano

    3rd Year PhD Student 

    BS, Loyola University Chicago

mturano at luc edu



Liz JamkA

    PhD Student

     BS, Elmhurst College

ejamka at luc edu

Liz mug.jpeg

Maxwell Gillum

    1st Year PhD Student 

    BS, James Madison University

mgillum at luc edu

Maxwell mug.jpeg

George Hildebrandt

       LUC Undergrad, Chemistry


Faith Lewis

LUC Undergrad, Chemistry

Faith mug.jpeg



Veronika Walkosz

Lecturer, Lake Forest College, Department of Physics


Former Members

Farber head shot small.jpg

Rachael Farber, PhD

     Postdoc at The University of Chicago

     BS, Case Western Reserve University

"Structural and Chemical Consequences of High Oxygen Coverages on Rh(111)"



Sabine Auras

    Visiting Graduate Student from Leiden University, summer 2017

Sabine 2017.jpg

Noelle Wands

       BS Biology, 2018

Yann Mug 2017.JPG

Yann Souchaud

       BS Chemistry, 2018


Erin and Rachael discussing image quality

Dosing Ag(111) with AO



Eleanor oskorep

       LUC Undergrad, Chemistry, BS 2017


Victor Valencia

     LUC Undergrad, Biochemistry

current: Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine


Jon Derouin, PH.D.

     Ph.D., 2016

     BA, University of Pittsburg


Dana Gebel

       B.S., Chemistry 2015

current: Fresenius Kabi USA and LUC graduate program in Pharmacology/MBA


Avesh Thaker

        B.S., Chemistry 2015

current: Midwestern University - Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine


Melissa Farmer

        B.S., Chemistry 2014

current: Chicago Public Schools Teacher


Jon Bender

        B.S., Chemistry 2014

current: Chem Grad Student, UT-Austin, Roberts Group


Stacy Heslop

        B.S., Chemistry 2013

current: Chem Grad student, University of Arizona, Muscat Group


Damian Valencia

       B.S., Chemistry 2013

current: Resident Physician Kettering Health, M.D. from Loyola Stritch School of Medicine


Ryan Tenny

        B.S., Chemistry 2013

current: someplace


Leila El-Saghir

        Undergrad 2012


Zhanina Avramova

       Undergrad 2012


Jenny Ramirez

        ACS SEED student

        Provo East High School (IL)


Daniel Killelea, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Loyola University Chicago

        Jul. 2017 – present

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Loyola University Chicago

Aug. 2011 – Jul. 2017

Educational Background

Postdoctoral Scholar, 2007-2011.  Advisor: Prof. Steven Sibener

The University of Chicago, The James Franck Institute and Department of Chemistry

Ph.D., 2007.  Advisor: Prof. Art Utz

Tufts University, Department of Chemistry

Thesis title: “Bond-selective control of a gas-surface reaction”

B.S. Chemistry, 2000.  Advisor: Prof. Joseph Aldstadt

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Department of Chemistry

Thesis title: “Speciation of arsenic in environmental samples”


Contact Dan





Mailing Address

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Loyola University Chicago

1068 W. Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60660 USA

The Great Golf Outing(s)

2014 (R): Victor, Avesh, Rachael, Dana, and Jon

2015 (L): Marie, Avesh, Rachael, Jon, and Victor



The group (plus a couple more) for Melissa's graduation lunch at, yes, Taco Bell (April 2014).

Damian and Stacy are graduating (April 2013).

UChicago/South Side trip 2013

CP-1 site (left); Fat Johnny’s (center); Rainbow Cone (right)

LUC Chemistry Poster session 2013: Melissa, Jon D., and Stacy

LUROP Symposium 2013: Stacy (L) enthusiastically presents her poster; (R) less so.

Group Trip to UChicago (2012).



Visit to Argonne National Laboratory's Center for Nanomaterials (CNM), Summer 2012.

(L to R) Jon, Matt Bennon (REU student from Allegheny College), Matt Bartucci (Ciszek Group), Brittni Qualizza (Ciszek Group), Stacy and Dan at the Advanced Photon Source.